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At Signature Eye Care, we carry a large selection of over 1800 fashionable frames in the designers you love that will work with any style and budget.


Eyewear is not only about great vision but also about your style and who you are. Your glasses impact how you see yourself and also how others see you. With so many styles and frames to choose from, our friendly and skilled opticians are here to help. They will listen to your style preferences and use their expertise to find the best fit for your needs.

After finding the frame that best fits you, our opticians will guide you in selecting a lens that best suits your lifestyle. From the highest-performing progressive lenses that help you see well when driving and at your office on the computer to polarized prescription sunglasses that help you see great outdoors such cycling or golfing while protecting your eyes, our opticians are versed in the latest spectacle lens technology so they can offer the clearest vision to meet your lifestyle needs.

We will find the optimal lenses for your prescription whether you need polycarbonate lenses for impact resistance, hi-index plastic lenses so that your lenses will stay thin, transition lenses that adapt to whether you are indoors or outdoors, and/or no glare lenses so that you see optimally without harsh reflections.



Our optical was designed to have your utmost convenience in mind. Our optical laboratory maintains a well-stocked inventory of single vision lenses so that glasses can often be finished within the same day and even within an hour of when you choose your eyewear. We are able to make the majority of eyeglass repairs and adjustments. Our opticians will take the time to carefully adjust and custom fit your frames so that they will stay comfortable.



We offer a wide selection of over 1800 high-fashion and designer eyewear for the entire family.
Our featured brands include:

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Our other designer brands include Coach, Silhouette, Smith Optics, Nine West, Ovvo Optics, Penguin Eyewear, Oga, Zac Posen, Roberto Cavalli, Fysh and kliik uk, Spine Eyewear, Vera Bradley, Koali, Lightec, Kenneth Cole, Vera Wang, and many others.

Children Glasses


Signature Eye Care offers fun and stylish frames for kids of all ages. With an entire section of approximately 400 children’s frames, we will have your child seeing and looking great right away. From designer frames, such as Ray-Ban to Lilly Pulitzer, to prescription sports goggles you will find a perfect match for any style or budget. Our staff knows that finding the right frame is always important, but especially if it’s your child’s first frame. Choosing the right lenses is also critical to your child’s vision, safety and function. We have a variety of options to consider including impact-resistant lenses for your child’s safety, scratch-resistant lenses for durability, ultraviolet-blocking lenses to protect your child’s eyes, transition lenses that act like sunglasses outside, and glare reducing lenses so that your child can see optimally.



With it being sunny almost year-round here in Cedar Park and the surrounding Hill Country, sunglasses are often times an essential part of your vision correction needs. Whether you want fashionable, sporty, or everyday sunglasses, we offer a wide variety of prescription and non-prescription sunglass options. Our opticians can match your lifestyle and needs to find the sunglasses that best suit you.


Fashion Sunglasses

When you are looking to make a statement with your sunglasses while also protecting your eyes, look no further than what we can offer. Whether it’s the designer names that you’re looking for or having the exquisite details that will make your sunglasses unforgettable, let our opticians find the sunglasses you can’t imagine leaving home without.


Sports Sunglasses

There are endless possibilities to enjoy the outdoors in the Austin area. Cyclists, golfers, fishermen, tennis players, lake enthusiasts, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts all have unique needs. Your sunglasses need to be comfortable and durable, maintain crisp vision while in motion, provide superior performance, and stay in place when you need them the most.


Everyday Sunglasses

From driving to reading by the pool, sunglasses are something you can use every day to help you see comfortably while also protecting your precious eyes. Whether you want metal or plastic sunglass frames that can be large or small and lightweight, let our opticians find the right sunglasses that fit your style and budget.


Regular eye exams are critical for detecting diseases and conditions early. Early detection is often the key to effective treatment.

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